BookStats: Introducing a comprehensive statistical analysis of how book publishing content is produced and sold

Submit to BookStats List The Association of American Publishers (AAP) and the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) launched a new industry statistics model, BookStats, to carefully track transformational shifts in how book content is produced and sold in the digital age. This pioneering data project, released annually in its first phase, provides a comprehensive view of the size and shape of the U.S. book publishing industry measured by publisher net unit and dollar sales.

BookStats Volume 4 Data Highlights just announced: Read Press release

Data from the BookStats project is available for purchase in a short PDF Summary Report, an in-depth PDF Annual Report, and an interactive Online Data Dashboard.

The BookStats project continues to address the critical need for accurate industry data to access changes in the marketplace. Structured around on an interactive Online Data Dashboard, the BookStats project enables rich data analysis based on custom filtering and cross tabulation across three key aspects: categories, formats, and distribution channels. Using this methodology, it is possible to explore BookStats data in many interesting ways. For example, BookStats users can determine the digital revenues for e-book trade fiction titles sold online or the number of hardcover nonfiction titles sold in independent bookstores.